The examination boards have released specific advance information for a majority of Year 11 GCSE and Year 13 GCE A Level subjects. This means that they are giving us some specific information about which topics or themes are going to appear on the examinations for 2022.

The aim of the advanced information is that the DfE believes it will…

‘help students focus their revision for the final months and will give an indication of some of the content, texts, topics, themes and skills that students can expect in their exams.’

Students need to continue to engage fully in their lessons and in the completion of homework and follow advice about their revision. It is likely that students will still need to cover all of the content for their courses because topics may come up on the lower tariff questions (e.g. the 6 mark question rather than the 20 mark question) even if they are not identified in the advanced information. However, knowing which topics will be amongst the higher tariff questions will be really helpful to focus their revision.

The examination boards have said that we should make sure we get our information directly from their websites rather than finding out about it from other sources of social media.

Please use the links below to access subject specific information from the relevant exam board websites. In addition, the JCQ Exam Board has also published a Student Information Guide and FAQ Document.