At the Grange School, we aim to provide an appropriate level of challenge for all students in their learning. This includes those students who are the most academically able, and those who have specific areas of talent (for example in sport, art, music and drama). These students are sometimes referred to as Gifted and/or Talented students.

All teaching staff are aware of which students in their class are Gifted and/or Talented, and will provide these students with appropriately differentiated work. This might include:

  • Tasks which are more challenging in nature, or require more independent thought
  • More challenging and complex texts and resources
  • An opportunity to take a leadership role in classwork

Some work is suitable for students of all abilities to attempt, as it enables students to achieve different learning outcomes depending on their ability; in these cases, it will be made clear to Gifted and Talented students what their expected learning outcomes are.

We also provide a range of enrichment opportunities within school which are suitable for Gifted and Talented students. These vary annually, and include:

  • STEM-Net (Science club)
  • Various sports teams and clubs
  • The opportunity to take part in Dance Shows, concerts and school drama productions
  • MUNGA (Mock United Nations General Assembly)

If you have any questions regarding a Gifted and/or Talented student, please contact your child’s subject teacher if your question is specific to a curriculum area. All teachers will be happy to provide suggestions for how a particularly able child can nurture and extend their talent or ability in their subject area. 

For more general enquiries about Gifted and Talented students, please contact Mr D Sabin, Assistant Headteacher.