The Grange School has a department dedicated to Support for Learning. Its key role is to deliver a wide range of support for students who are having difficulty accessing the school’s curriculum and are failing to make good progress in their learning.

Support is given to students who are experiencing a range of learning difficulties, behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and physical impairments. Support is also given, by members of the team, to those students experiencing other difficulties, such as medical or attendance problems.

Students are supported by Special Educational Needs (SEN) staff in all curriculum areas, although the focus is often on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Staff works with students in class, in small groups or as individuals.

We have Learning Support options at Key Stage 4 for those students who need extra time and help to complete coursework or to improve their basic literacy or numeracy skills


The Department is led by Mrs S Jackson, Assistant Headteacher, Support for Learning. 

SEN Provision is managed by Miss W Jakeman and Mrs E Radford the ‘named’ Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCO’s). Miss Jakeman can be contacted by email or on 01296 390948 and Miss Radford by email or on 01296 390967

The Senior Teaching & Learning Assistants (SEN), Mrs Maughan co-ordinates the work of a team of Learning Support Assistants to deliver and provide support for students.

The Specialist Assessor and Teacher of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties, Mrs Nicholas, has an important role in the diagnostic processes; assessing students, providing individual support programmes, training and maintaining the SEN register.

The Special Needs Teacher, Mr Palmer delivers the Learning Support options to the Key Stage 4 student and assists the Statutory Assessment process and Statement Reviews.

All of the above work with the County’s SEN Team, the Specialist Teaching Service and other relevant outside agencies.

The Student Support Manager, Mrs Round, although not directly part of the team, provides mentoring support for some of our students, including transition and works with us to facilitate the referral of students to outside agencies and the work of those agencies in school.

The Attendance Officers Mrs Cowlishaw and Mrs Wedderburn have important links with all members of the department, providing information and support for students whose learning is affected by attendance issues.

The First Aid Officer, Mrs Pomery works in conjunction with the Attendance officer and is responsible for medical matters in school.


The Support for Learning Department has a suite of rooms in the front block of the main building. On the second floor is a large teaching room with a smaller adjoining room. The other small room is an office used by the second SENCO and the SEN Teacher. This areas is used mainly for the Key Stage 4 Support for Learning groups by the SEN Teacher, although the small room is occasionally used for 1:1 work. On the first floor is the Assistant Headteacher’s (Support for Learning) office, SEN Office, the SEN office, SENCO office and the Specialist Teacher’s office. The main SEN classroom is S1, where the majority of the 1.1 support is delivered and we have another room, S3 which is equipped to deliver group a room especially to deliver group work including Social Skills groups.

Stapleton House is a separate building (alongside the astro-turf) which has an office, classroom and meeting spaces for the Student Support Manager, Learning Mentors and Behaviour Mentors. The Behaviour Mentors also manage the exclusion room in the main school building for those students who are on an internal exclusion as well as those students removed from lessons by the Senior Leadership Team. A rota of staff work with the students to help them complete their schoolwork as well as to help address their behaviour needs. The Mentors also provide support for students on a one to one basis and give small group transition support to the new Year 7 students.

The Attendance Officer and the First aid Officer have their own rooms adjacent to Reception. 

Students are supported by SEN staff in all curriculum areas, although the main focus is on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. Staff work with students in class, in small groups or as individuals. 

The SEN teacher runs Learning Support options at Key Stage 4 for those students who need extra time and help to complete classwork, coursework or to improve their basic literacy or numeracy skills. This option is taken instead of one GCSE examination course. 


The Support for Learning delivers a number of interventions including:

During Morning Registrations

  • LSA mentoring for students with EHCPs and high level needs. 
  • ASD support for a small number of EHCP students 

During The School Day

  • Year 7, 8 and 9 Literacy Interventions
  • Years 10 and 11 Literacy and Study/Subject Support 
  • One to one and small group Speech and Language and Numeracy Support   
  • Year 7 and 8 Nurture Groups 
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Specialist teacher support e.g. C&I, ASD, Physical disabilities (usually for students with EHCPs)  
  • Support from other professionals e.g. Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Educational Psychologist. 


  • Break and Lunchtime club for vulnerable students in SL1 and SL3 ‘by invite only, pass cards issued’.
  • Study Support Sessions in IT6 are open to anyone.

After School

  • Daily Study Support Sessions in IT6 supported by LSAs which open to anyone.
  • ‘Spellwell’ Spelling club – usually Year 7, by invite. (Monday and Wednesday)

Special Educational Needs

The Special Educational Needs Department is supported by the Bucks LEA SEN TEAM.

Department Staffing 

Mrs Susanne Jackson – Assistant Headteacher, Support for Learning  

Miss Wendy Jakeman –  SENCO for all DISC students (Tues, Thurs, Fri) 

Mrs Elle Radford – SENCO for all OVER students (Mon, Wed, Fri) 

Mr Dean Palmer – SEN Teacher 

Mrs Jan Nicholas – Specialist Assessor and Teacher  

Mrs Ruth Maughan – SLTA with responsibility for SEN Support 

Plus a large team of Learning Support Assistants 

Further Information

Our SEND policy can be found on the School Policies page.

SEN Annual Report

For additional information please contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs S Jackson, Assistant Headteacher, Support for Learning.