As a whole school community it is important that we recognise hard work, commitment and sustained effort from our students. We aim to celebrate successes and focus upon rewarding effort and achievement.

Our Reward Systems include the following:

Achievement Points

Achievement points are used in lessons to identify and reward student achievement and effort. Students who contribute to the positive ethos of the school are recognised and rewarded. When a student reaches:

  • 50 achievement points, the form tutor will acknowledge this with a postcard home.
  • 100 achievement points, the Year Team Leader will acknowledge this with a letter.
  • 150 achievement points, a senior leader will acknowledge this with a further letter.
  • 200 achievement points, this will be recognised by the Head Teacher in school and a communication home will also be made.
Conduct Recognition

We have celebration assemblies at the end of each term where the students who have excelled in their achievement and conduct are recognised.

Attendance Awards

At the end of each term, students in each year group who have 100% attendance are recognised and presented with a certificate. Tutor groups are also recognised for high group attendance.

Postcards Home

At the end of each half term, a number of students are recognised for their achievements in specific subjects and in a number of areas across the school, and a personalised postcard is sent home.

Letters Home from Curriculum Coordinators

These will be sent at the end of each term to the 2 students in each year group who have made the most progress across their subjects.

Awards Evenings

We celebrate the success of our students at Key Stage 4/5 Awards Evenings during the summer term. These evenings are attended by students and their families to recognise not only academic progress and achievement, but also achievements and progress in a number of areas of school life, including sporting, artistic and dramatic contribution, leadership roles and community service.