We understand that the transition from primary school to secondary school is a very important stage in a child’s education.   For that reason, The Grange School offers a comprehensive Transition Programme for all children joining the school. Our extensive programme comprises initial support towards the end of Year 6 and further support when students join us in September.


In addition to a mandatory transition day at the start of July, The Grange School also invites all new Year 7 students to attend a second transition day.

Transition day one is focused on helping new Year 7 students to make friends and settle in. Students will meet their form tutors, fellow classmates and heads of year. They will take part in team building activities aimed at supporting them to feel comfortable and helping them to mix with the students in their tutor group.

Transition day two is a more formal school day aimed at giving students an experience of a typical school day. The day begins with a formal assembly and is followed by a range of typical lessons delivered by some of their new teachers.

Throughout the transition programme Year 7 students are supported by our Year 9 ‘Student Buddies’ who receive extensive training to assist our new students. These volunteers escort students between lessons, lend a helping hand and provide a supportive ear.


We understand that starting a new school can be a daunting experience. To give students the opportunity to settle in at the start of September, The Grange has put in place a series of steps to make the transition as easy as possible.

For the first few weeks all Year 7 students will leave lessons a few minutes earlier so that they can find their way to their next lessons; they will also be allowed to go to break and lunch early to avoid the queues in the school canteen.

To further help students settle in and make friends we invite students to attend a team building day.


Following the second transition day in July, parents/carers are invited to an evening at The Grange. During the evening, parents/carers will meet their child’s form tutor and will be presented with information to help them prepare their children to start at The Grange in September.

During the first term, we host a coffee afternoon which allows parents/carers to join their child to speak with form tutors in a relaxed atmosphere. The aim of the coffee afternoon is to foster positive relationships between home and school and to reassure parents/carers that their children have made a positive start at The Grange School.

We also present a Learning Evening for parents outlining the school curriculum and presenting ideas on how parents/carers can support their children with numeracy, literacy and information communication technology. The evening is an excellent opportunity for parents/carers to understand how the school curriculum is delivered to their children.

We welcome all new Year 7 students to The Grange school and aim to make the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth and enjoyable as possible. If parents/carers have any comments or questions they are encouraged to contact their child’s form tutor in the first instance.

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