It is very important that students should attend school regularly and arrive on time. Time missed from school can have serious educational consequences.

If for any reason students are unable to attend school, parents/carers must notify the school on each day of absence either by phoning 01296 390919 or emailing Students must also bring a note of explanation on the day they return to school.

Students who arrive late, after the register has closed (after 9.00am) are recorded as late, which will count as an unauthorised absence for that school session unless a satisfactory explanation is provided.

We operate a text messaging system for contacting parents about unexplained absences. If we have not received a phone call regarding an absence, a message will be sent.

On matters of attendance and punctuality, Form Tutors and Year Leaders work in close liaison with the school’s Attendance Officers and Deputy Headteacher to ensure that students receive full benefit from their years of full-time education.

Following the County guidelines, the school will only sanction a maximum of ten days absence for exceptional circumstances during school time. However, please remember that any absence during term time is detrimental to the educational progress of the student and should only be taken when absolutely necessary. Students who take longer holidays may be taken off roll and then would need to apply to be re-admitted.

Please see the below for all of our key documents relating to attendance and punctuality: