If a student becomes ill or is injured in any way he/she is taken to the First Aid Officer, Mrs Pomery in the Medical Room. It is likely that the problem can be dealt with in school, but if not, parents/carers will be contacted and, if necessary, arrangements will be made to receive medical help, including treatment at hospital.

The school maintains an appropriate number of staff who are trained to ‘First Aid at Work’ or ‘Emergency Aid’ level. Some of these staff are also trained in the use of ‘Epipens’.

The school has a First Aid/ Medical room and First Aid boxes are located around the school.

The school’s First Aid Officer and the Attendance Officer are responsible for the administration of medicines and controlled drugs (such as Ritalin) to students in school. They maintain records of parental permission, administration and safe disposal of medication and secure storage.

The parents of students who need to have medicines (including Asthma inhalers) in school, whether for a short while or long term, should contact the school’s First Aid Officer to arrange this.

All students with medical needs should have an up-to-date Healthcare Plan which will be kept and reviewed by the First Aid Officer. Parents need to ensure that the school’s First Aid Officer is kept up to date with any changes to a student’s Healthcare Plan.

In the event of a student becoming ill or injured while at school, he/she will be taken to the school’s First Aid Officer who will deal with the problem in school if appropriate, but if not, will contact the parents and make the necessary arrangements for the student to receive medical help, including treatment at hospital.

Teachers and other school staff will be kept informed of students’ medical needs on a ‘need to know’ basis.

The school maintains close liaison with Hospital School staff and Home Tuition services for any student who is unfortunate enough to incur long term absence because of illness or injury.

Medical Forms