The Grange School offers a comprehensive package of study support to our students, which includes the following:


The School Library supports all students and staff by providing resources both for individual study and classroom work. We encourage all our students to read widely, which is important for literacy skills.

The Library is open from 8.00 am – 4.00 pm daily. Students are able to use the Library before and after school, break and lunchtimes for study/research and to complete and print homework.

We run a series of Library Lessons for Year 7 students, to guide them on how the Library is set-up and how to search for books in both the fiction and non-fiction shelves. ,

Our library has a dedicated Sixth Form Study area for quiet study throughout the day. This section contains a wide variety of curriculum-based reference books and classic novels as well as University Prospectuses and Careers and Apprenticeship information.


We use specialist tutors to provide one to one support in English and Maths. This is targeted at students in any year group who teachers feel would benefit from additional assistance. Each student has 10 x 1 hour sessions during the school day. The content focuses on areas that the student and teacher have identified as needing to be developed and improved.


Based on data and teacher suggestion, Year 11 students who would benefit from extra support are allocated a mentor. Meetings take place every two weeks and sessions are focused on the particular needs of the individual, for example helping boost performance in a subject or assisting with their plans for the following year as well as general support in this important school year.


Throughout the academic year, sessions are scheduled after school, at lunchtimes and during the holidays to support students with their studies. Information will be detailed below or incorporated into our Extra-Curricular Timetable.



Homework is valued as an important way to reinforce key knowledge and skills. It provides the opportunity to extend creativity and problem solving. It is aimed at students of any ability, including those for whom English is not their first language, and those requiring additional support with their learning. Computers and printers are available for all students to use during these sessions. There are three members of staff supervising the sessions which take place from 3pm until 4pm Monday to Friday. Please see the Extra Curricular Timetable for session details



During the course of the year we offer a range of Learning Evenings, where parents/carers are invited to join us (usually with their son or daughter if they wish) for advice, information and ideas on how to support students with different aspects of their learning.  The programme of evenings varies annually according to need, but will usually include the following:

  • Year 7 Learning Evening – to provide ideas on how to support students new to The Grange School.
  • Numeracy Evening – support for parents of Year 7 and 8 students with developing numeracy at home.
  • Literacy Evening – support for parents of Year 7 and 8 students with developing literacy at home.
  • Year 10 Learning Evening – to provide ideas on how to support students new to Key Stage 4.
  • Year 11 Learning Evening – ideas for how to support students with revision in the run up to GCSEs.
  • Sixth Form Learning Evening – to provide ideas on how to support students new to the Sixth Form.

In addition, the Support for Learning Department also offers a comprehensive package of support.