We are excited to be launching some new tools on the Satchel One platform. You will be familiar with the Show My Homework online tool which allows you to keep track of your child’s homework, helps to improve your child’s organisation, time management and ability to keep on top of their workload.

We are now introducing some new features. These include Attendance Tracking, Behaviour and Achievement/Rewards Tracking and Detention Notifications.

We have chosen to introduce these new tools to improve and maintain the familiar parental communication and to give you greater transparency into the areas listed above. The additional features will allow you as a parent to monitor, when you like, your child’s attendance, achievement, behaviour and detentions.

These features are available in the Satchel One app, which you can download on your smart phone or tablet, and also on the Satchel One website.


A student’s school email address is made up of their username plus @we-can.org.uk


If a student’s username is 19SMITHEx then their email address would be 19SMITHEx@we-can.org.uk

A student’s password for Office 365 is always the same as the password used to logon to school computers.  Therefore if a student changes their password on a school computer, it is also changed for Office 365.