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Reward Mufti Day

If your son or daughter has achieved an excellent attitude to learning score you will be receiving a letter to invite them to take part in a free reward mufti day.

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Grange Gazette – Autumn Term 2021 (Edition 1)

Take a look at our school newsletter, The Grange Gazette, for all of the latest news.

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Interfaith Week 2021 Competition

As part of Interfaith Week, we've launched a creative competition for our students!

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Mufti Day – Friday 19 November 2021

In recognition of the students wanting to support certain charities and assist the school with fundraising, we will be holding a ‘Mufti Day’ in school on Friday 19 November 2021.

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Lost Property

Has your child lost anything this term?

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Walk to School Week – 18th to 21st October

This week if you can, we're encouraging our students to walk to school as part of the International Walk to School campaign.

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Free Online Safeguarding Workshop

We wanted to inform you of a free online workshop that you can join in relation to the social media platforms your child can access and how to keep them safe.

2021-09-17T09:23:03+01:0016 September, 2021|Tags: |

Breakfast is Served!

We're excited to announce that our canteen is now open for breakfast each day between 8.10 am and 8.30 am

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Parental Agreement to Administer Medicine

To be able to administer paracetamol (or any medicines) to students we require parents and carers to fill in a consent form.

2021-09-14T15:32:25+01:0014 September, 2021|Tags: |

Homework Club

Our popular Homework Club is now up and running from 3.00 pm until 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.

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