As we look forward to welcoming students back for the second half of the summer term, I would like to re-iterate a request, from the Secretary of State for Education, that all students who have appropriate consent take a lateral flow test prior to returning to school tomorrow.  Many students will have completed their test on Sunday which is greatly appreciated but if you are yet to take your test (and are able to) please do so before arriving to school tomorrow morning.

We do all that we can in school to reduce the chance of transmission and continue to operate within the Department for Educations guidance.  Last half-term saw a period of uninterrupted schooling and we want this to continue but are aware of the emerging evidence that the SARS-COV-2 Delta variant (formerly known as “India”) has overtaken the “Alpha” (formerly known as “Kent”) variant to become the most dominant form of COVID-19 both locally and nationally.  Evidence also suggests that the Delta variant is significantly more infectious than the Alpha variant.

Although local rates remain low, I am aware of increases in rates in educational settings across Buckinghamshire and want to make sure that we continue to take effective steps to minimise the risk of infection in school.  Testing has proved effective in reducing the risk of positive cases and therefore reducing the self-isolation of larger numbers of students and staff within school.

If students, as well as staff, can continue to use the lateral flow tests it will be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Vince Murray, Headteacher