For the safety of all, we are continually reviewing our Covid 19 Risk Assessment for reception staff and as such, we will be putting the following measures in place for Parents and Carers to restrict person to person contact and optimise social distancing.

· Please do not come into school unless you have booked an appointment. If you turn up at school reception without an appointment you will be turned away and asked to make an appointment.

· To maximise social distancing we are trying to minimise the number of items that need to be dropped off at school. If, however, you really do need to drop something off for you child (e.g. a book, PE kit, lunch box etc.) please make sure the item is bagged and clearly labelled. When you get to the school reception will open the door for you and you will need to put the package in the parcel room. Reception will NOT be able to take the item from you or handle it.

· If you need to drop off money for lunch please put it in a sealed envelope with the name and form of the student clearly marked and leave it on the desk outside the reception window. The reception staff will then make sure it gets to the correct person.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.