In reassuring students, parents/carers and members of the school community,  I want to share that we had a number of calls today from concerned parents regarding some social media activity.

Fortunately, the school was able to make direct contact with parents and determine that the message was both untrue and indeed a hoax.

The rumour being circulated on social media was about an alleged student, believed to be showing symptoms of coronavirus  and still attending the school.

As a school, we are being vigilant to information coming into us in relation to coronavirus as well as taking the advice of Public Health England.  If we are in the position of receiving confirmed cases, please be reassured that the school will contact Public Health England and follow the necessary advice.

I appreciate the concern that this may be causing and note today the comments of the Prime Minister, “We don’t think that schools should be closing in principle – we think if possible schools should stay open but that schools should follow the advice of Public Health England.”

I would like to thank members of the school community for being so vigilant and sharing their concerns when they arise.

Kind regards

Vince Murray