Staff in school are very aware that our students are working extremely hard to complete the tasks that are set up for them on Show My homework, as well as attend live lessons. We understand that, for some students, this has become overwhelming at times. With last week being Children’s Mental Health Week, it has given us the opportunity to be reminded of the importance of looking after their mental wellbeing.

With that in mind, we have made the decision that Wednesday 10 February will be a wellbeing day for students – ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ – and we will not be setting any work on Show My Homework or delivering any live lessons. Teachers will be available to answer questions if they arise through the usual channels of communication. Students should use this day to catch up on any outstanding work they have.

Once students have caught up, they could consider exploring some of the wellbeing activities that we have been posting on Show My Homework in the ‘notices’ area; this includes ‘wellbeing bingo’ and activities from Bucks MIND.