Our Careers Advisor, Mrs Kittles, is responsible for providing impartial information, advice and guidance to our students.

Mrs Kittles is passionate about ensuring students are given every opportunity to explore and expand their career ideas so that they make realistic and informed decisions about their future options and career choices.

We currently offer the following activities for students:

  • Year 9 PSHCE Sessions exploring Labour Market Information and the Fast Tomato Careers Generator
  • Year 10 Post 16 Options Workshop
  • Year 10 1:1 Guidance Interviews
  • Year 11 Small Group Interviews
  • Year 11 1:1 Guidance Interviews with follow up as needed
  • Year 12 and Year 13 1:1 Interviews (self-referral process)

Some useful websites to explore careers are:

Information about job opportunities and apprenticeships can be found here:

To support all students to explore their career ideas we subscribe to Fast Tomato, a Careers program offering career guidance for 12 – 18 year olds.